Vendor Risk Management

Securing business partnerships

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Are you looking to protect your business from potential risks associated with your vendors? 


We offer comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment, monitoring, and mitigation strategies to minimize the cybersecurity risk from your third-party service providers and suppliers. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we can help identify and address potential cyber risks. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your vendor relationships will not disrupt your own business. 

All our assessments are non-invasive, using open source data feeds and our stealth intelligence tools. They are legal and above board, plus the target company is not alerted, or made aware of our assessments. What’s more, they are a cost-effective way to minimizing your potential cybersecurity risk.


  • Company risk profile and cyber rating
  • Cyber attack surface monitoring for domains, websites & web applications
  • Cyber risk and compliance assessments
  • Financial cyber risk management
  • Network office IP address monitoring
  • IP compromise & reputation monitoring
  • Website vulnerability scans
  • Email credential breach check
  • Data privacy leak discovery


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