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Helping you to monitor your cyber security risk, so you can focus more on your business.



With Cygienic Managed Risk Services, we can monitor the cyber hygiene and cyberattack surface for your company, as well as your vendors and other third parties. You can then focus more on what you do best, growing your business.

As well as regular reports, we can provide you with dashboard access and live updates to check that your domains, websites, web applications, IP addresses, and email credentials are not compromised. We will also ensure that your vulnerabilities and compliance levels are all healthy.

Cygienic Managed Risk Service Reports 

We offer a comprehensive set of cybersecurity reports that are delivered as and when you need them. Aimed at all levels of senior management, the reports can be tailored to cover the following:

  • Company, Subsidiary & Vendor Cyber Hygiene Assessment Report & Ratings
  • Company, Subsidiary & Vendor Hygiene Compliance Report & Ratings
  • Cyber Risk & Financial Impact Report
  • Domain, Website & Web Application Hygiene Reports
  • IP Reputation Reports
  • Domain Vulnerability Scan Report
  • Email Credential Breach Reports
  • Confidential Data Discovery Report
  • NIST Compliance Status Report
  • Threat Modelling (Mitre Att@ck) Report


For more information, please contact and schedule a talk with our in-house Chief Information Security Officer.

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