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Cygienic Cloud is a provider of intelligent insights to support businesses and security services across the world.    





Cygienic Cloud has provided great insights and benefits to many companies. From Cyber insurers, IT integrators, consultancies to large corporations, we have successfully delivered our platform on our promise that out of the box you get immediate and valuable ROI. Talk to our sales team to find out more about how our platform can help your business.  


Cyber Insurers: How to enhance your cyber insurance policies & offerings

When assessing the cybersecurity risk of prospective customers or investment targets, why rely on self-
reporting questionnaires when you can use tangible, transparent, and verifiable data?

Especially when that data also provides insights into the potential risk of some of the most common and easily executed cyber crimes.

With our platform, you can gain real visibility into the cybersecurity practices of those that you are looking to underwrite or insure – for the entire duration of their policy.

By assessing compliance to cybersecurity standards and vulnerabilities or malware infections, you can more accurately price and assess potential insurance risks.


IT Integrators: How to enhance your client partnerships

As a IT integrator, it pays to introduce new services to your clients, as well address their current needs. Our platform can help you to do both.

We provide partnership options to deliver and configure our platform into your clients environment.

In doing so, you can introduce new services and help convert your clients’ potential cyber risks to essential, more manageable business investment plans.


Cybersecurity Consultants: How to generate new business opportunities

Whether you’re a cybersecurity consultant, auditors, or risk managers, you can leverage our platform to tap into a wealth of knowledge and insights for new and existing clients. The platform can help you to identify, remediate, and monitor your clients’ cyber risk profiles, generating even more possible business opportunities for you.


Corporations: How to manage GRC and Cyber Ratings

Whether you’re a CISO, CRO or a IT manager our platform can help you build a GRC programme out the box. 


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