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Top 100 Blockchain Websites Receive A Worrying Cybersecurity Report Card … Should Investors And Users Be Concerned?



Cybersecurity is a critical concern for businesses and investors alike, and the emerging blockchain industry is no exception. Recent cybersecurity risk indicators of blockchain websites have revealed that many platforms are operating with low cyber hygiene, potentially putting investors at risk.

A blockchain is a digital ledger that enables secure and transparent transactions, with cryptocurrency being one of the most popular applications. However, blockchain technology is not immune to cyber threats, including hacking and data breaches. With millions of dollars at stake, investors and traders need to have confidence in the security of the platforms they use.

Unfortunately, recent cyber risk indicator scans have revealed that many blockchain websites have some concerns. Cybersecurity firm,, conducted an analysis of the top 100 blockchain websites by Market Cap and found the following:

Top 100 Blockchain main websites Cyber Risk Indicators

Cyber Risk Indicator    No# Blockchains 
 A+ 5
 B+ 30
 C+ 10
C 1


[15] Hosting Malware Software Indicators 

Websites hosting servers were registered as infected with or distribute Malware software - this may be a shared server, supported by an external provider, or a dedicated blockchain server – the attack opportunity here is sending Malware to users connecting to their servers. 

[57] Poor Security Certs (SSL) Indicators   

Websites had SSL cert vulnerabilities ranging from out-of-date SSL certs to a low-grade security cert purchase – this means data transferred from the user to the server could be compromised.

[21] Email Spoofing Protection Indicators 

Domains failed to meet basic email SPF security settings – the attack opportunity here is to impersonate or spoof a staff email address to convince other staff or clients to trick them into a cyber-attack. 

[67] Webpage Security Header Indicators 

websites failed to meet basic webpage security header configuration – this means the site has a much higher chance of being compromised due to limited security features settings on each page – the attack opportunity is cyber-attack can inject malicious code into the sever you connect to. 

[4] Open Network Port Indicators

Websites have potential open network ports that could be targeted by cyber-attacks – the attack opportunity here is to find a weakness in the open port service or a vulnerability to gain access to the server. 

[3] Multiple Vulnerability Indicators

Websites have multiple vulnerabilities – these are potential exposure points for cyber-attacks – the attack opportunity here is to use a known technique to compromise the known vulnerability to gain access to the server and data. 


The report highlights several issues that put investors at risk, including weak encryption, and insufficient network security. Additionally, some blockchain websites were found to be using outdated software that could easily be exploited by cyber criminals.

Investors and traders should take note of these findings and carefully evaluate the security of any blockchain platform before using it to buy, sell or trade crypto currencies. Cybersecurity should be a top priority for any blockchain website, and investors should look for platforms with high ratings and strong security protocols.

As the blockchain industry continues to grow, it is essential that businesses and investors take cybersecurity seriously. By prioritizing security and working to address vulnerabilities, blockchain websites can help build trust and confidence in this emerging technology.

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