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How Safe Are Sports Websites for Fans?

Cygienic Takes a Deep Dive Into This Year’s Cricket World Cup Fan Base Websites To Find Out More…

A recent survey by, an online cybersecurity risk management platform based in Singapore, examined the Cyber Safety Ratings for each of this year’s World Cup Cricket nation’s official websites.

Through an evaluation of different aspects of website security, including security configuration, email security, data privacy, and vulnerabilities, Cygienic was able to furnish cricket enthusiasts with a comprehensive assessment.

Having a robust fan base for the Indian ICC Cricket World Cup is essential for any team. However, are the home nation's cricket fan websites adequately safeguarding their supporters' online data privacy?

In a recent Cygienic survey of the 10 nations competing in India’s ICC World Cup, more than half failed to meet the basic webpage security and data privacy industry best practices, potentially putting fan data at risk.

In conclusion. Most nations’ cricket fan websites have a Cyber Safe Rating of “Good” - mainly because there were no compromised systems, or vulnerabilities, and a good level of email security management for fans. However, there is clear potential for enhancement. Ideally, teams should aim to attain an "Excellent" Cyber Safe Rating for the fan base, ensuring the safeguarding of their data and the preservation of their privacy.

Cygienic recommends, “Developers can enhance their focus on secure-by-design practices, particularly when constructing fan websites. This proactive approach will significantly contribute to ensuring the long-term security of your fan base."

And just for fun, we have predicted the top 4 countries to progress to the Cricket World Cup semi-finals - based on Cygenic’s cyber rating leaderboard: New Zealand Netherlands, Australia and South Africa.  


Cygienic Cyber Rating Leaderboard

1        New Zealand                                91         A

2        Netherlands                                 91         A

3        Australia                           85         A

4        South Africa                        84         B+

6        Pakistan                                83         B+

7        England                                    83         B+

8        Sri Lanka                      82         B+

4        India                                              80         B+

9        Afghanistan                               79         B+

10       Bangladesh              76         B


How important are cyber ratings?

Gartner says cybersecurity ratings will become as important as credit ratings in risk assessment for new business relationships. To the point that such ratings will become the standard and due diligence level for both buyers and suppliers.


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