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Scan, fix, and monitor your company's cybersecurity risks with the Cygienic Cloud Algorithmic & Automation Capabilities.


The Cygienic Cloud subscription is a one-stop-shop cloud solution for all your cybersecurity and risk management needs.  The license starts from US$100 per month or US$1200 paid annually, with the option to purchase additional user licenses and company risk profile data.

The Cygienic Cloud is a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that provides advanced risk management capabilities for company risk profile assessments. This platform utilizes cutting-edge technology and powerful algorithms to detect cyber threats and model risks. 

The Cygienic Cloud offers a wide range of features including real-time attack surface monitoring, cyber risk indicators, financial risk indicators, vulnerability assessments, and third-party compliance management. Its user-friendly interface allows users to easily configure and monitor their cybersecurity risk profile and provides detailed reporting and analytics to keep track of cyber risks and compliance requirements.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, the Cygienic Cloud can provide you with the security and peace of mind you need to operate confidently.


Take a look at our automatically generated sample reports to delve deeper into the specifics. 

Enroll today to immediately unlock entry to our demo site or get acquainted with Cygienic Cloud through our demo video.

If you're interested in subscription choices, reach out to To directly purchase a Cygienic Cloud subscription, visit


Business Use Cases

The Cygienic Cloud has provided great insights and benefits to many companies. From Cyber insurers and technology integrators to large corporations, we have successfully delivered our platform on our promise that out of the box, you get immediate and valuable ROI.

  • Cybersecurity risk indicators for investors, insurers, and auditors to measure risk   
  • Compliance modules to manage vendor, regulator, and auditor requirements 
  • Attack surface management for vulnerability management and cyber threat analysis
  • Third-party risk management to secure the supply chain. 


The Cygienic Cloud Functionality


Attack Surface Management (ASM) 

  • Attack surface internet-facing asset monitoring
  • Domain, website, webapps, IP address. 
  • System vulnerabilities and compromised management
  • Checkpoint algorithmic & automation scanners 


Third-Party Risk Management  (TPRM) 

  • Attack Surface Management (ASM)   
  • Compliance Risk Management
  • Financial Impact Management  


Financial Impact Calculator 

  • Data breach cost estimates
  • Business interruption cost estimates
  • Ransomware cost estimates 
  • Cyber insurance cost estimates


Compliance Risk Management

  • Compliance questionnaires ISO27001, NIST, PCI, GDPR, CIS +more 
  • Security policies (x34) 
  • Technical guides (x23)
  • User awareness training packs (x10)


Risk Analysis and Management Reporting 

  • System generated reports and insight analysis 
  • Automation & scheduled scans, notification emails
  • Multiple user and workflows
  • Company, subsidiary, dept's, and vendor management 
  • Security analysis dashboards  
  • Admin and user level account


Threat Intelligence & Analyst Toolbox 

  • Data-Discovery
  • Adversary threat analysis 
  • Email credential breach checks   
  • Vulnerability scans & System compromised checks  
  • 24/7 cloud monitoring & 2nd/3rd line support        


If you're interested in subscription choices, reach out to To directly purchase a Cygienic Cloud subscription, visit

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