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Cygienic Platform

Our platform offers the user access to a suite of assessment tools designed for all management levels and company sizes. For clients starting out in cyber security or those who own a few domains, we recommend subscribing to our 'Starter Pack'. For those larger Enterprises and MSSP service providers we offer great volume discounts. 

You will have cybersecurity data on any domain and the ability to perform live real time assessments at you fingertips. There is a wealth of tools, data reports and remediation guidelines to ensure you are better following best practices on protecting your company from cyber attacks 

Cygienic API Data Feed

API Json data feed is available for all Domain Ratings. Please contact Cygienic support for full details. 

Live Dashboards 

Company, Subsidiary & Vendor Cyber Risk Dashboards   

There are many dashboards available on the platform to view and for different levels of managment in your company. You will have the ability to drill down on domains with cyber risks to benig able to benchmark your company against other industries.

Continuous Monitoring  

Schedule Continuous Scans & Automation Alerts.

The platform provides you with the ability to schedule your own cyber scans on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Not only that, the platform will alert you via email, when a scan is complete and then automatically send you the report results. This will give you the flexibility to perform a one time setup and then let the platform inform you when things are done.    

Cygienic Scanners  

There is a wealth of scanner availalbe to use on the platofrm. From Cyber Hygiene, IP Reputation and Email Breach. To Data Discovery and Vulnerability Scanners are all available as part of the standard platform subscription. Any registered Domain on the platform can be scanned for its Cyber Hygiene Risks, IP Reputation, Email Credential Breach, Data Breaches and Vulnerabilities.

Risk & Compliance

Our Risk & Compliance Audit modules provides advanced assessment tools to report on your company's internal cyber controls. Complete with a centralized result repository, compliance dashboard and professional compliance reports, it has never been easier to become a Cyber Compliance Manager. Our simplified 'Yes' or 'No' Compliance audit responder, with a complete set of guidelines and supporting documents will meet all your needs.

Cyber Library 

The Library is a repository of policies and guides that are available to Platform Subscribers. All documents are copy right free and can be used as part of their own company Risk & Compliance documentation set.

We gauge that you can save at least 4 months of cyber resource time by using our documents. Instead of trying to build your own policy library, just subscribe to the platform and access our 30x policies, 20x technical guides and 15c security awareness documents.

IP Reputation 

Schedule Company IP Reputation Scans

There are thousands of assets being compromised on a daily basis and these are being scanned using our IP Reputation module. Our module will monitor your company's IP addresses to ensure you're kept up to date on any possible system breaches.  We continuously monitor the following Global Bad IP lists for...      

1. Distributing Malware  2. Source of Attack  3. Hosting Spam Bots 4. Part of Command & Control 5. Proxy Hijacked 6. Tor Nodes Service 7. Spyware Distributor 8. Hijacked IP Netblock 9. VPN Service    

Email Credential Breach

Billions of assets have been compromised and thousands will be compromised on a daily basis. Our Email Credential Breach module provides you with daily updates on email credential leaks. We continuously monitor your company's email credentials so you can immediately respond with a password reset or account disablement in the event of a breach.  

Data Discovery

Our Data Discovery module provides a set of pre-defined search criteria with multiple search features to identify your company's data leaks. With our carefully crafted deepweb searches, you can safely and securely search for any document name, type, or person across the many layers of the internet. From your own website, to paste sites and Google shares and code repositories, there is no corner of the deepweb we can’t search.  

Vulnerability Assessment

Our Vulnerability Scanner provides a very user friendly approach to scanning domains. By simply selecting your domain and pressing scan, your bit is done. All you need to do now is wait a few minutes and full Vulnerability Assessment report to arrive. You can run regular scans with no addition costs. You no longer need to buy vulnerability software or pay for a consultant to do it for you. Keep your systems patched, updated and regularly scanned with our Vulnerability Scanner module.    

How Accurate Are The Assessment’s

We have taken every effort to ensure that our assessments are accurate and transparent. We have focused on assessing data points that are tangible and clearly quantifiable. 

Cygienic's Assessments are built to Industry Standards

  • NIST CSR, Mitre Att&ck, CVE, CVSS, Cybersecurity Ratings Standards 
  • GDPR Data privacy 


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