Cyber Threat Analysis

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Discover company data leaks, vulnerabilities and breaches. 

The Cygienic modules provide a user-friendly search & discovery toolbox to find data leaks, email-credentials, Threat adversaries, and perform vulnerability & compromised server scans. This is a no-fuss, simplified, pre-configured executable search toolbox with immediate results and no expertise or configuration required. Simply point and press the scan button...It's that easy!  Alternatively, contact our sales team for our comprehensive threat analysis managed services.   


Cyber Threat Analysis    

  • Deepweb data discovery
  • Code repository data discovery 
  • Google Public share data discovery  
  • Paste sites data discovery
  • Company server data discovery 
  • Email credential breach check
  • Vulnerability server scanners 
  • Compromised server scanners  
  • Threat Adversaries (coming soon) 


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