Compliance Risk Management

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Simplify Your Compliance Programme With Cygienic vCISO.




The Cygienic vCISO Compliance Risk Management

From industry regulations and standard questionnaires to security policies and awareness material, the platform has everything pre-built and centrally managed for you. Not only can you manage your own company's GRC programme you can also monitor your vendors - all from one platform. 


Compliance Risk Management Modules 

  • Compliance workflow & assignment management
  • Third-party assignment  
  • Real-time compliance data dashboards & automated mgmt reports
  • Security policies, guides, and awareness training material   
  • Pre-built proprietary scoring for ISO27001/ PCI/ GDPR / NIST / CIS / UK Cyber Essential / AU Cyber / + more questionnaires. 


Enroll today to immediately unlock entry to our demo site or get acquainted with Cygienic vCISO through our demo videoIf you're interested in subscription choices, reach out to To directly purchase a Cygienic vCISO subscription, visit


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