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Cyber scanners help you discover company data leaks, email-credentials, and perform vulnerability & compromised server scans. 


The Cygienic Cloud Cyber Scanner module provides a user-friendly search & discovery toolbox to find data leaks, email-credentials, and perform vulnerability & compromised server scans. This is a no-fuss, simplified, pre-configured executable search toolbox with immediate results and no expertise or configuration required. Simply point and press the scan button...It's that easy!     

The Cygienic Cloud Cyber Scanner Functionality   

  • Deepweb data discovery
  • Code repository data discovery 
  • Google Public share data discovery  
  • Paste sites data discovery
  • Company server data discovery 
  • Email credential breach check
  • Vulnerability server scan 
  • Compromised server scan  


Take a look at our automatically generated sample reports to delve deeper into the specifics. 

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