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Building New Sales Pipelines

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Forge a fresh sales pipeline and secure additional revenue using the power of Cygienic Cloud in conjunction with our comprehensive vendor profile data. Elevate your business potential today.

Explore our competitive subscription rates, offering vendor profile data for as little as $180 per company

Enroll today to immediately unlock entry to our demo site or get acquainted with Cygienic Cloud through our demo video.

Upgrade your tech sales strategy with our cutting-edge sales pipeline tool! Streamline demand management, accelerate deals, and boost revenue with our powerful solution. Plus, gain unparalleled insights into company risk profile data, making informed decisions with precision. Elevate your business success with our tools and data today!

The competition to win new business is getting harder, so new sales managers need to find new ways of grabbing new client attention. That's why we have developed Cygienic Cloud for the technology sales team.

When assessing the cybersecurity risk of prospective clients, why rely on cold calls and heavy advertising spending, when you can send them tangible, transparent, and verifiable report's, for the same cost you pay for an advertising click to your site, or for a business coffee catchup.  

Building a new sales pipeline with Cygienic Cloud 

  1. Deliver cyber security risk assessment reports to any company in minutes, not weeks or months! 
  2. Use Cygienic's reports to help you plan the client's risk remediation strategy, way before you even meet them. 
  3. Book potential revenue targets based on client data.    
  4. Continuously add value to new and existing clients with Cygenic Cloud monitoring and reporting.    

Refer to our system-generated sample reports for more details.

The Cygenic Cloud platform enables you to gain real visibility into the cybersecurity practices of companies you are looking to work with. By assessing security compliance and financial impact with cybersecurity ratings, you can accurately assess potential company exposure and provide a more accurate remediation plan.


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