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Underwriting Cyber Policies

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Cygienic Cloud Pro delivers prompt and affordable client cyber insurance vendor profile data, aiding the underwriter's assessment procedure. In conjunction with our risk profile calculator and compliance surveys, the underwriter can accurately determine the appropriate pricing for the cyber risk policy.     

Explore our competitive subscription rates, offering risk profile data for as little as $180 per company

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The right cyber coverage starts with the right data. 

  • Automate policy assessment with accurate real-time cybersecurity data 
  • Monitor portfolio risk trends and raise flags before events happen
  • Continually monitor the cyber risks of any company.  
  • Calculate and be more objective with underwriting decisions

Refer to our system-generated sample reports for more details.

When assessing the cybersecurity risk of prospective customers or investment targets, why rely on self-
reporting questionnaires when you can use tangible, transparent, and verifiable data. Especially, when that data also provides insights into the potential risk of some of the most common and easily executed cyber crimes.

The Cygenic Cloud platform enables you to gain real visibility into the cybersecurity practices of those that you are looking to underwrite or insure – for the entire duration of their policy.

By assessing security compliance and financial impact with cybersecurity ratings, you can accurately assess potential company exposure and provide a more accurate cyber policy.


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