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Know your risks to secure your business with our cost-effective managed service - let us monitor your risks, so you can focus on your business. 


The Cygienic Cloud Managed Service offers a bespoke cyber risk monitoring service to meet the needs of your business. Whether you’re a large enterprise, SMB, or a new start-up, our services are designed to be affordable and relevant to all management levels.  

We deliver everything via the Cygienic Cloud platform, so you have access to real-time data dashboards from anywhere, anytime, and on demand.  


Take a look at our automatically generated sample reports to delve deeper into the specifics. 

Enroll today to immediately unlock entry to our demo site or get acquainted with Cygienic Cloud through our demo video.

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Scope of Service Delivery

  • Pre-populated with your company & third-party profile data (domains & IP addresses) 
  • Daily monitoring of company and third-party attack surface and compliance status (more optional)
  • Manage internal & third-party compliance programmes (assign questionnaires)  
  • Deliver monthly risk mgmt. reports (see list below)    
  • Monthly scans for company Data & Email-credential leaks and server vulnerabilities 
  • 1-2 hrs onboard training 


The Cygienic Cloud Managed Service Monthly Reports 

  • Enterprise level, attack surface grades and full data results with remediation advisory 
  • Internal compliance status  
  • Finacial impact calculator
  • Third-party compliance grades
  • Third-party attack surface grades         
  • Data leak discovery
  • Adversary threat data
  • Email credentials breach check
  • System vulnerability scans
  • System compromise scans   


If you're interested in subscription choices, reach out to

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