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Cybersecurity Analysis Services 

This service will suit clients who are looking to acquire, partner, or insure another business. This is a non-intrusive and passive cyber due diligence assessment, tailored for a client who need a cost-effective opinion on how well a target company stacks up against the client's cyber security concerns. 

Is this company cyber secure? can it be trusted? are there any company data leaks? has the company had any breaches? are they targeted by hackers? are the any security Red Flags? 

It is important to note that the target is not alerted, or made aware of our assessments. All assessments are done remotely and privately, using only open source data feeds and Cygienic's stealth intelligence tools.

All our assessments are legal and above board. You are not liable and your identity as a Cygienic client is protected. 

All we need is the company name and we can provide you a report within a few days. 

Cybersecurity Analysis Packages

1. Basic:  Company Cyber Security Hygiene Rating & Report (All domains and IPs under company ownership)   

2. Plus: Basic + Deep Web search of company confidential data & email credential leaks 

3. Advanced: Basic + Plus + Threat Intelligence:  A profile review of hackers targeting your industry and your company and how to protect yourself against their attack methods.  

4. Industry: Large-scale customized industry targeted domain cybersecurity assessment. This may include an analysis of competitors or industry-specific domains which can be used for benchmarking, press release or, for research purposes. These reports contain mutually-agreed upon, standardized metrics that present results and findings for specified domain sets, delivered as a PowerPoint presentation. This can be readily shared with relevant stakeholders at meetings or in reports.

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