The Importance of Cyber Hygiene

Why should you care about Cyber Hygiene ?

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Cyber Hygiene

You've heard the term " Cyber Hygiene". So, what is it and why is it important?

Like personal hygiene, where one develops a basic routine to keep your health in check, Cyber Hygiene, comparably, centers around essential routines and security checks that are essential to safeguarding a domain and keeping your cyber health in check.

Much like a doctor awarding a patient with a clean bill of health, our Cyber Hygiene assessments provides a cyber health check, by awarding a domain with an appropriate performance grade based on assessment results.

Why do Cyber Hygiene Scans ?

Cyber Hygiene Scans now have an edge over traditional compliance checks, such as self-assessments, internal audits, or external on-site assessments. The time and cost needed to produce a Cyber Hygiene Scan is far less than compared to lengthy audits and face-to-face assessments.

Cyber Hygiene Scans, with their continuous reporting ability, are an easy way to complement these traditional assessments. On the backend, assessment tools and algorithms are constantly being reviewed and updated to adhere to the vast and fast-moving security compliance requirements.

Cyber Hygiene Scans offer effortless ways to assess and monitor the health presented by vendors or supply chain relationships. Supply chain complexities now pose a key source of risk to many organizations. In addition, numerous events over the last 12 months, such as large-scale data breaches, have further highlighted the vulnerability of complex, interdependent networks, making supply chains an increasing source of risk in the future. The need to evaluate your Cyber Hygiene is now more important than ever.

The dynamic nature of the security landscape calls for a more stringent evaluation of our technology systems, from website, email to data privacy infrastructure. With the landscape in constant flux, it is even more important to get independently verified and trusted ratings on your or potential technology partner’s security posture.

The pandemic has moved a sizable portion of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses online. This has left the door open for new external threats to surface, particularly amongst businesses which are too busy adapting to pandemic challenges. Government agencies who wish to partner with such businesses should do their due diligence by relying on Cyber Hygiene to ensure partners are fully cyber secure

A proactive, rather than reactive stance needs to be developed in a company’s approach to cybersecurity threats. As cyber-attacks evolve, they become more difficult to detect and isolate. Failure to detect attacks early can amplify the negative effects of an attack. Cyber Hygiene Scans, in tandem with our Compliance Standard Auditor can help anyone assess how ready their company is to recover from and defend themselves from any security event. Readiness is indeed your only protection.

Cyber Hyigene Reports 

This report provides the company with a cybersecurity assessment for a single or a group of domains. Inside, the chapters are broken down into sections that focus on data for the intended audience. As example, the Executive Summary (one pager) provides a high-level result and overall company Cyber Hygiene Rating, whilst the rest of the report is focused on the Cyber Hygiene Checkpoint Probes details.

The report is available to download with Report Credits or as part of registered Domain’s on the platform.  All data is scanned in real time and accessible to anyone, immediately.  

Risk & Compliance Reports  

With a Platform Subscription (Domain Credits) the user is granted access to the Risk and Compliance module. As they complete a Compliance Audit for a registered domain, the system will create a Professional Compliance Reports for download to share with stakeholders and other managers.

Cyber Library

The Library is a repository of policies and guides that are available to Platform Subscribers. All documents are copy right free and can be used as part of their own company Risk & Compliance documentation set.

We gauge that you can save at least 4 months of cyber resource time by using our documents. Instead of trying to build your own policy library, just subscribe to the platform and access our 30x policies, 20x technical guides and 15c security awareness documents.


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