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Cygienic Cloud - Pricing and license FAQs


We are offering a special Cygienic Cloud introductory price of US$100 per month or an annual subscription for only US$1,200.


Cygienic Cloud Pricing Table

Cygienic Cloud License 



Cygienic Cloud -starter



Cygienic Cloud -pro  



Cygienic Cloud -advanced  



Add on - assigned users 




Does the platform have third-party data pre-loaded?  

We can provide you access to our third-party / company data for a fee (per company) - refer to pricing for company security risk data. 


Can I use my company logo to brand Cygienic Cloud?

We are not offering this service at present.   

Do you offer additional user licenses?

Yes. Additional assigned user licenses cost $10 per month - these can only be purchased by an existing Cygienic-Cloud admin. The access rights of this license is limited to only dashboards, my company, and third-party mgmt modules. Only Cygienic Cloud Admin licenses have access to all platform modules.     

Do you offer a Managed Service?

Yes.  This comes with monthly reports and monitoring of third-party vendor's and compliance mgmt.

Are there any upfront costs for Cygienic Cloud?

Annual subscription payment you make online or via our sales team. 

Are there any domain limitations for the subscription?   

Yes. We only provide domains for your company per. You can purchase company or domain credits to add more company data.   

Does the platform come pre-populated with my company domains & IP addresses?

Yes. As part of our onboarding services, we will pre-populate your company domains, sub-domains, and IP addresses. We will also help find the company domains you may have missed.   

Is Cygienic Cloud shared with other companies?

No. You will have your own unique database instance of Cygienic Cloud. No one will be sharing your server or able to see your data.

Do you offer an on-premise license? or can we host it on our own cloud service? 

Currently No, but we can discuss this with your team to look at a special case.


To arrange a demonstration of our Cygienic Cloud, please reach out to For direct purchase of a Cygienic Cloud subscription, visit


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