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Your one-stop-cybersecurity-shop to minimizing your cybersecurity exposure and reduce your cyber risk. 



We can help you to review and minimize the damage that a data breach or cyberattack can do to your organization, reputationally and financially.

We're also the only platform that truly measures and correlates cyber risk ratings, financial risk impact, and cyber compliance... in short, we offer a comprehensive, cost-effective cybersecurity solution, that’s made even easier with our experience, guidance, and help.

Cybersecurity & 'Hygiene' Rating
Like personal hygiene, such as regularly showers to promote good health, cyber hygiene involves following best practices when it comes to network endpoints, vulnerabilities management, and updating software and applications. Our Cybersecurity 'Hygiene' Rating provides an easy-to-understand grade system. This is a non-intrusive, passive assessment on any company, anywhere.

Quatify your financial cyber risk impact

We can calculate the potential financial impact of a cyberattack and the likelihood of that event happening. Why take the risk and let hackers see how vulnerable your company – or your vendors – is first?

Cyber compliance
Our questionnaire assessment allows you to measure the compliance level of any company for different regulations and standards, including NIST and Insurance profiling.

Regular monitoring and alerts
Just one compromised email address, an unencrypted port, or a software vulnerability can be like striking the jackpot for cyber criminals. Don’t leave anything to chance. By continuously monitoring your network, we can alert you if there any changes, enabling you to thwart potential cyberattacks.

Easy-to-use cyber risk reports
When it comes to cybersecurity reports, everything should be in plain English and make sense (and dollars) to anyone reading it, from IT managers to the C-suite. In addition to highlighting what needs to be fixed, our reports also enable you to see how your company rates among your industry peers.

Tailormade cybersecurity risk management programs
Conducting cybersecurity audits, finding the tools, and fixing potential vulnerabilities takes time and eats into your valuable resources. Let us take the strain by recommending the right security partners to help you adopt industry best practices and solutions to minimize the risk to your business.

Please contact Support@Cygienic.com for pricing and more information. 


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