Platform Credits


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Domain Credits

Buying a Domain Credit allows you to register or purchase a Domain of interest to be monitor for 12 months. Within the period you have unlimited access to all the platform tools and reports for that Domain. 

1. Domain Credits can be used anytime within the 12 months of purchase. 

2. 1x Domain Credit is equal to 1x Domain to register / purchase on the platform

3. The Domain you purchase will expire 12 months from the date you registered it on the platform - Not from the original date  you purchased a Domain Credit.  

Report Credits

Buying a Report Credit allows you to purchase any Domain Hygiene Report from the Cygienic Hygiene Report Archive. You will have 30 days archive access to download the latest report.  

1. Report Credits can be used anytime within the 12 months of purchase. 

2. 1x Report Credit is equal to 1x Domain Hygiene Report. 

3. The Domain Hygiene Report you purchase will expire in 30 days from the date you register the domain - Not from the original date you purchased a Report Credit.  

Please note: Hygiene Reports are included within Domain Credit subscribers. No additional Report Credit is required.      

User Account Credits

You can purchase additional user access licenses to your account for 12 months. You will have the ability to assign a user as admin or assign them to a registered company. This festure is useful for sending compliance reuqirements and updates to your vendors, partners or subsidairies.   


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